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Since graduating with a Fashion Degree from Durban University of Technology, replete with the Student of the Year Award and Daphne Strut Memorial Prize, Kathrin Kidger has worked to create a rich and vibrant portfolio of unique garments. Her approach and attention to detail has seen her work being showcased at SA Fashion Week, achieving accolades from Durban Designers Collection, SA Fashion Handbook and Durban Fashion Fair.

Kathrin’s ethics govern her business behaviour, which is why all of her garments are designed and produced in South Africa – and it’s why she places so much importance on her physical retail presence, as this is where she connects with her customers directly.

The culmination of her passion, vision and effort is Kathrin Kidger Designs, a family managed ladies’ fashion brand based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. Kathrin Kidger Designs produces clothing that refracts its exotic tropical context, while providing a natural and comfortable fit. The brand caters to discerning, fashion-focused women who care about fine quality material, timeless styling and effortless glamour.

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The Kathrin Kidger team brings together a combined fifty years of experience in fashion and retail. And they all run with the same vision because they all come from the same family. The team comprises of three fashion forward females spanning generations of creativity, skill and knowledge in the ever-evolving world of female fashion.

United in a common goal – a passion for fashion – each member of the Kathrin Kidger Team brings a unique skill set in addition to their own personal and diverse strengths.

At the head of the team is the uber-talented, award-winning designer Kathrin Kidger, who designs and manufactures every unique garment with the client at the forefront of the design and style. She understands the female form well and this means women across the shape spectrum can feel comfortable and gorgeous in her stylish garments.

The brand itself is managed by Kathrin’s sister Lisa Kidger, whose knowledge and experience in advertising, marketing and brand management takes the Kathrin Kidger label to a whole other level, and ensures that the brand plays on the international fashion retail landscape. Efficiency is fundamental, and Lisa ensures that the brand is supported by a strong social network and the business is run efficiently.

The Kathrin Kidger pride of place is the quality of the garments and heading up this department is their attention-to-detail mother, Carol Kidger. Carol ensures that every single garment is produced to the highest standard and the quality is faultless and flawless before it leaves the design floor and makes its way into the hands of its proud customers. Backed by innumerable years of experience, Carol also offers a strong support base to the business.


Our Vision

Kathrin Kidger Designs is a proudly South African Ladies Wear Brand that focuses on timeless style, glamour, and elegance with body-considered fits manufactured to premium quality.

The drive and vision of Kathrin Kidger Designs is to create unique garments that women relate to within a diverse South African context. The garments are made for women who value quality and styling above commercial endeavours and who appreciate a “slow fashion “approach to dressing. This results in resplendent garments that are worn with the same pride in which they are made.

Kathrin Kidger is all about the real woman! No matter who the woman is, empowering them through dress is key to the Kathrin Kidger philosophy. And this, together with ensuring variety and range, all of premium quality, is at the heart of the design process.

Our Journey